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Software Standalone - Tecnisweb

Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection


Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection Software (DustExpVent) is one of the information tool elaborated by Paolo Scardamaglia Tecnisweb sas that helps both the engineers in charge of the design of prevention and protection in the presence of combustible dust and the manufacturers of products, employers, designers of protection systems, security officers and auditors.


DustExpVent guides the user step by step in data input by means of values proposed by using a graphical interface, simple immediate and intuitive, offering alternatives to internationally validated by industry experts.


DustExpVent it's a new software program property of Tecnisweb sas di Paolo Scardamaglia, which applies the European Standard EN 14491, etc. The program calculates the vent area requirements Ae (Vent Area), Calculate Pred (Linked Vessel, Duct Lengh, Pneumatic filling), Calculate the forces applied on the structure, Calculate the amount of inert substance to be entered into the system to make the combustible dust inert, calculate suppression systems (HRD). Explosion vents and other venting devices which comply with EN 14797 must be used to obtain these vent areas.


  Volume calculation.

  Dust explosion vent area calculation according to EN 14491.

  Flame and pressure effects according to EN 14491.

  Project summaries and reports.

  Database of dust explosivity data.




DustExpVent Complete calculations are given by the maximum recoil force, the duration of the recoil as well a s the transferred impulse, flame and pressure development in the vicinity of vented equipment.


DustExpVent is versatile in choice of dust dispersion, type of venting device and influence of the vent pipe.


DustExpVent is Easy to use while . The comprehensive and illustrated help gives additional information and practical hints.


DustExpVent calculates all the required information for explosion venting of vessels, silos and rectangular enclosures.




For containers that must be protected by measures of explosion venting the software DustExpVent allows is to define in detail the geometry of a containment system in order to calculate both the volume and the ratio length/diameter (L/De) of the containment system itself This target is achieved by directly inserting the known values in the appropriate fields:



The software DustExpVent contains a database of combustible dust (easily customizable)




By means of the GUI the database can be easily modified; the user can enter a new combustible dust, or can edit or delete a combustible dust already present in the database of the software.


The report is professional, editable and customizable in all its parts through Microsoft Word

DustExpVent meets the following standards:


  VDI 2263 Dust fires and dust explosions; hazards, assessment, protective measures 1992-05 DI 2263 Blatt 1 Dust fires and dust explosions; hazards, assessment, protective measures; test methods for the determination of the safety characteristic of dusts 1990-05

  VDI 2263 Blatt 2 Dust fires and dust explosions; hazards, assessment, protective measures; inerting 1992-05

  VDI 2263 Blatt 3 Dust fires and dust explosions; hazards, assessment, protective measures; pressure-shock-resistant vessels and apparatus; calculation, construction and tests 1990-05

  VDI 2263 Blatt 4 Dust fires and dust explosions; hazards, assessment, protective measures; suppression of dust explosions 1992-04

  VDI 2263 Blatt 5 Dust fires and dust explosions - Hazards, Assessment, Protective measures - Explosion protection in fluid bed dryers 2002-03

  VDI 2263 Blatt 5.1 Dust fires and dust explosions hazards - Assessment, protective measures - Explosion protection in fluid bed dryers; Hints and examples of operation 2004-02;

  DIN EN 14460:2007;

  NFPA 69 Standard of explosion prevention system;

  EN 14373 Explosion suppression system

  EN 1127-1 Explosion prevention and protection;

  EN 1449 1:2002, Dust explosionventing systems.

  MDI 3673, Part 1:2002, Pressure venting of dust explosions.

  Siwek, R.; 2002, Druckentlastung tiber Abblasrohre Vergleich der Methoden; Gefahrstoffe - Reinhaltimg der Luft 62 Nr. 9.

  Lumi, G. A (1988) Guide to Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection, Part 3: Venting of weak Explosions and Effect of Vent Ducts. The Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK.

  Lumi, G., Crowhurst, D., and Hey, M. (1988) The Effects of Vent Ducts on the Reduced Explosion Pressure of vented Explosions. Journ. Loss Prevention in the Precess Industries 1 pp. 182-196.

  John Barton Dust explosion prevention and protection a practical guide;

  Fonte:iohn Barton Dust explosion prevention and protection a practical guide


The software DustExpVent is the only software that allows to perform properly and quickly the design of prevention and protection systems in areas where there are combustible dust.

The software DustExpVent among other things allows you to:

1)    Size the area Ae (Vent Area);

2)    Calculate Pred with

a.     Linked Vessel

b.     Duct Lengh;

c.       Pneumatic filling



3)    Calculate the stress forces applied on the structure



4)    Calculate the amount of inerts to be fed into the system to make the combustible dust inert (inerting).


The measures to prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere may be implemented through the inerting of the combustible dust.


The inerting involves the introduction of inert gas in the containment system of the combustible dust. This operation decreasing the oxygen concentration below the LOC avoids the ignition of the explosion of dust/air mixture.



5)    Size the membranes rupture (venting) and / or suppression systems (HRD).




1)    Elaborate the results through graphics, with the possibility to copy, print, save and preview the reports.





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